Listed below are camps that we organize annually, from time to time or used to organise!

Camp Cameron

A 3-week holistic discipleship camp where a student is helped to form a framework to look at God in the Old Testament and New Testament, as well as to work through practical issues in his/her life, allowing God to be his/her Redeemer in all aspects of living.

Social Work Exposure & Embracement Program (SWEEP)

A 2-week internship program, designed to help you to understand and appreciate those in need through the activities, providing knowledge in the area of social concern through the talks and as you experience the work as a social worker through home attachment. Come and you will be surprised.

Students Together On Mission Partnership (STOMP)

Sarawak and Semenanjung Students will join together in this Mission trip. Training involved: Culture and Believe, Language, Perspective in Mission, practical skill with Sunday School, sharing testimony, prayer and fasting, etc.

Borneo Tertiary Student Camp (BTSC)

From different campuses in Sarawak, Living as ‘families’: ini’ & aki’, apai & indai Deepening in the WORD; Redeeming Relationships with God, Self & Family; Learning to spend time alone in Reflection; Preparing for Life after Graduation!

Time Out (now called SELAH)

An oasis experience. We often exhaust themselves with many different duties & responsibilities. We have NO time … we are too busy … Perhaps we need a TIME OUT… to Refocus, Recharge, Renew. Here, a one day oasis experience is prepared for you.

Wordilicious Investigators (WI) Program

A call to RETURN…a call to OBEY…a call to CELEBRATE the WORD! The WORDilicious Investigators go marching on: deeper and deeper into the WORD…whether through a weekend, small group or camp.

Professionals Of Tomorrow (PoT’s)

PoT’s has the VISION to grow Professionals of Tomorrow from Students of Today, who have a sense of calling and mission in their professions, understand and obey God’s heart & mind for their lives and for the world they are called to serve, are increasingly aware and responding to the needs of our nation, dare to be courageous to answer God call.

National Conference (NC)

A gathering of National Christians in the various tertiary institutions, hear the challenge for their generation and to act as the student generation to make a difference in the present and in the future. Currently held 5 years once.


A call to right relationships with Self, Family and Friends. Many of these aspects are often swept under the carpet and this is a time to examine these relationships with the view of allowing God to redeem them.


A reflective get away for creative leisure and recreation. A time to commune with God and self. Teaching is kept at a minimum and the facilitator facilitates the students’ reflections and leisure in order that the purposes of the get away may be achieved.


For students who would like to know God’s mandate to us about our role at work, relationship and life, by identifying God’s building blocks and hopes for this generation, seeing the wider scope of people’s needs and take up this challenge together.

Infectious F’s

An invitation to students to rediscover their calling in campus, reach out to their friends and learn how the CF can rise to the challenge of friendship evangelism in campus.

Deep Impact

A leadership training camp for those in the Colleges and Private Universities, to share the legacy of their Christian Fellowships, and to equip them with leadership tools and skills.

Original Recipe (OR)

A time-out of restoring and receiving our God given identities as men and women, created by God and intended for His good purpose. To relate to the opposite gender in a way that builds up and restores dignity.

Inter-Varsity Students Training Retreat (IVSTR) – Mandarin

A place for the mandarin speaking students to meet. To train students in campus ministry: Emphasis on hoslistic growth, campus as their mission field and equip them in Bible Study. We also create awareness about current trends that affecting students in campus. Organised once in 3-4 years.