Conversations Of Shepherds Todaylah (C.O.S.T. lah) 15 February 2011

@ Wesley Methodist Church Alor Setar

From the moment the word “go” was uttered, 31 students enthusiastically shared their experiences of serving and being leaders in CF. This initial interaction gave way to even more serious discussions of spirituality and knowing & living out the Word. As they went through each of the activities, many were very honest in their evaluation of where they or their CFs were in these aspects. Many resolved to effect changes in their CFs.

Then as the afternoon progressed, they were told to go out to the community and engage them in conversation or do a good deed. Initially taken aback at being assigned such a task, they gamely went. To their surprise, it was not as difficult as they had imagined. They were rather pleased at the responses they got from the people they met.

So, the call to be people whose lives are investigated and transformed even whilst they engage and be agents of transformation in their community, was sown into their lives.

Ops Gegar: Ikut Sampai Akhir 26 February 2010 @ Sungai Nibong Gospel Hall

The 55 students who came were challenged with the 6 prophetic calls (concerns pertaining to this generation of students). When they examined their lives to see if they lived under the authority of the Word and the Lordship of Christ; some of them were moved to repent when they realised that they had not been heeding the Word. Others had their eyes opened to realise that they had to break down the walls of prejudice they had held against their ‘majority neighbours’ and reach out to them in friendship. Another group of students felt challenged to live out their missionary identity with urgency. Yet another group of students chose not to turn a blind eye to the social issues around them, but be courageous to speak up for truth and social justice. May they IKUT SAMPAI AKHIR!