FES Prophetic Calls (2014-2017)

What are prophetic calls? They are concerns of the times that need to be urgently addressed among the students that we serve. These are God’s standards for our students that we hold up. Every 4 years, we discern together what they are…


1.  To be Word ALERT

  • Engaging Scriptures with our minds and hearts
  • Discovering our place in the Biblical narrative
  • Being examined and transformed by the WORD

2.  To rediscover God  & to encounter Him first hand

  • Knowing His character through His odyssey with His people
  • Creating space to seek and savour Him
  • Recapturing reverence and awe for God

3. To live under Christ as Lord

  • Repenting from our self-centredness
  • Embracing the process of wrestling with God and issues
  • Living counter culturally and willing to pay the cost

4. To Build Authentic Community

  • Inspiring hope, extending forgiveness
  • Journeying together, being accountable and responsible
  • Taking initiative, restoring relationships

5.  To Reclaim our Missionary Identity in campus

  • Recovering evangelism as the heartbeat of our united witness in campus
  • Building upon the history and legacy of Christian presence in that locality

6.  To be Agents of Reconciliation and Transformation in our nation (Jambatan Anak Malaysia)

  •   CFs modelling unity in diversity to the nation
  • Breaking down walls of prejudice against our majority neighbour
  • Being at the forefront for racial reconciliation and healing for our nation
  • Participating in nation building by being deployed in places lacking Christian presence e.g. civil service, small towns, rural areas.

 7.  To Recapture God’s mission for our World

  • Understanding God’s Kingdom in engaging our world
  • Being a voice for truth and social justice
  • Being a catalyst of hope for Timor Leste