1. Student Initiated

2. Bible Based

3. United Witness

4. Mission Focus

5. Church Integrated

Student Initiated

Entrusting students with the gift of leadership and responsibility for chartering their own course in the Christian fellowship is a distinguishing characteristic of the FES. Only through such trust accompanied by shaping of their ensuing experience, can we empower them.

Bible Based

In many instances, Scripture is being compromised and charged with irrelevance amidst a society that has moved at an amazing pace. Yet, the call is loud and clear, Scripture is our only authority, and we allow the Lord to exercise His Lordship over our lives through coming under His Word.

United Witness 

Christians of different denominations, races and languages add rich colors to the coming together of members in fellowship. The love of Christ being the uniting factor, the ultimate purpose of our coming together is to be a witness in the midst of a large harvest field.

Mission Focused

The charge given to each student is to  receive our identity as Christ’s  Missionary, wherever He has placed us. Therefore the call is always before us, that the campus is our current mission field. The harvest is all around  us, in our classrooms, hostels,  everywhere. And when we leave, we  are charged with being Christ’s  missionaries in the place He leads us to

Church Integrated

The Christian Fellowship will never take the place of church. Thus, this will always be our concern to never sever the student from his church, but rather to enrich his service in his home church whether currently or in the future.