No, I’m not sure if he’s a cook but he is definitely a prophet of Judah!

His name means ‘embrace’, thus he embraces what he saw around him and had conversations with God over the injustices that he saw. Later on he also embraces what God is going to do.

As you begin, put yourself in Habakkuk’s shoes and have a conversation with God. Look through the whole book first. Then as you re-read, ponder upon the questions below:

Habakkuk 1:1-4

“Sin has taken control!!! There’s violence! Injustice!”

Look at what Habakkuk complains to the Lord about, and the things that are bothering him.

Habakkuk 1:5-11

See how the Lord answers by asking Habakkuk to fix his eyes on something else – to look at the nations and that nothing can prevent God’s judgments.

Habakkuk 1:12-2:1

“Surely God can’t do that??”

Look at how Habakkuk asked this question and at the same time, what was his posture / attitude towards God?

Habakkuk 2:2-20

The Lord’s revelation will surely come true. How will it all end?

Habakkuk 3

What was Habakkuk’s response to the Lord in the end?

Doubts and Question

Habakkuk’s doubts centered on two painful problems:

  1. How would God allow the sins of Israel to go unpunished?

God’s answer: He will raise up the Babylonians to overpower them (1:5-11)

  1. How could a just God allow a godless nation destroy a nation, where there are people who are more righteous?

God’s answer: The godless nation will be punish and Babylon would indeed be judged for their sins.

Shouts and Praise

Habakkuk’s doubts turned into certainty:

  1. The soul of the prophet is revived (3:2)
  • Habakkuk was in awe of His deeds.
  1. The eyes of the prophet are reassured (3:3-16)
  • Habakkuk sees God’s majestic glory.
  1. The heart of the prophet rejoices (3:17-18)
  • Though situations are grey and negative, Habakkuk chose to rejoice.
  1. The feet of the prophet are strengthened (3:19)
  • Because God is his strength, Habakkuk is enabled to climb mountains.


  1. Complaints, complaints, complaints…

How am I dealing with my complaints? My doubts, my questions? Do I bring them before the Lord and wrestle with Him?

  1. Sometimes God doesn’t answer us immediately.

Are there questions that you’re waiting for Him to reveal to you?

May you be like Habakkuk wait patiently upon Him to answer you (2:1)

  1. Habakkuk saw God at work in a series of events (3:13-16)

How God has carried you through the many events that had happened in your life this year?

This book begins with gloom but ends with glory, the doubt of the prophet turns into shouts of praise. May your soul be revived, may your eyes be reassured, may your heart rejoice and may your feet be strengthened!