“Day of the LORD….”


The book of Joel is best viewed by focusing on the Day of the Lord similar to the Book of Zephaniah.  While everything that Joel prophesied was still future to him, it is possible if not likely that chapters 1-2 have already been fulfilled (we know Joel 2:28-32 has been fulfilled with the coming of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2.)  If that is the case, the disasters of Joel 1-2 are only a glimpse of the coming judgment and salvation of the future Day of the Lord.  This outline breaks the book of Joel into two sections – the Day of the Lord past and the Day of the Lord future.  This does not mean to imply that there a multiple “days of the Lord” but that past fulfillment is only a partial fulfillment or only a prophetic glimpse of what fully lies ahead.

Reading by Parts

Chapter 1: Dreadful Plague

Chapter 2: 1-17 – Day of the Lord  & True Repentance

Chapter 2: 18-32 – Spiritual & Material Restoration

Chapter 3: 1-21 – Judgment on nations & Blessing on God’s people


  1. Israel’s sin leads to disaster
  2. God’s mercy creates hope
  3. The past becomes an image of the future

Reflection for today

  1. Sin is a serious issue to be dealt with. It requires rending our hearts to God through true & sincere repentance
  2. God will & can restore us materially & spiritualty after a major disaster/incident in our life
  3. In the Day of the Lord, God will confront the evil of all nation & bring blessing upon His people

The LORD is quick to forgive when we confess our sin. Take a pause and look back in your life. Have we confess our sin to God on honesty and in sincerity pray for repentance? Can I urged you, my brothers and sisters, to examine your heart and come before God?  For God has always promise throughout the whole of the Bible, “He is with us”.