Some Tips on How To Read the Book of Zechariah

The story so far…

After the pagan king allowed the exiles to return home (538BC), some chose to return but many stayed. Those who returned went back to devastation- temple and land plundered and leaders carried off. The challenge to rebuild was a tall task and they began immediately (Book of Ezra) but only as far the foundation. Haggai was his contemporary and they both had the same goal –the restoration of the people of God beginning with the rebuilding of the Temple.

Day 1: chp 1:1-6

What is the core message from God?


In the days ahead, as you read, sketch out the visions described. Give your picture a title that describes its meaning. You can decide your own pace how much to read.

Part 1

  1. Chp 1:7-17 (1st Vision)
  2. chp 1:18-21 (2nd Vision)
  3. chp 2:1-13 (3rd Vision)
  4. chp 3 (4th Vision)
  5. chp 4 (5th Vision)
  6. chp 5:1-4 (6th Vision)
  7. chp 5:5-11 (7th Vision)
  8. chp 6:1-8 (8th Vision)
  9. chp 6:9-15 (the Sign)

Part 2

  1. chp 7 (Religious acts empty of meaning)
  2. chp 8 (Acts that pleases God)

Part 3

  1. chp 9 (Judgment & Triumph)
  2. chp 10 (Restoration)
  3. chp 11 (Good and bad shepherds)
  4. chp 12 (Deliverance & Mourning)
  5. chp 13 (Purification at great cost)
  6. chp 14 (Day of the Lord and His Reign)



The images given in this book are grotesque and stark.

It evokes puzzlement and stirs up emotions especially the last few chapters on how it will all end. As Zechariah challenges the people to a difficult task yet it zooms out to The Lord of Hosts who is mighty and will be triumphal. God will accomplish all that He sets out to do. This gives courage to the people to throw their lot in and trust God despite difficult days ahead.