Listed below are camps/conferences that we organize annually or when needed.

Camp Cameron

A 3-week holistic discipleship camp where students are helped to form a framework of who God is by looking into both the Old AND New Testament. They will also work through practical issues in his/her life, allowing God to be his/her Redeemer in all aspects of living.

Borneo Tertiary Students Camp (BTSC)

Students from different campuses in Sarawak live together in “family units” as they deepen selves in the WORD; redeem relationships with God, Self & Family; spend time alone in reflection and preparing for life after graduation!

Social Work Exposure & Embracement Program (SWEEP)

A 2-week internship program, designed to help students to understand and appreciate those in need through the activities and providing knowledge in the area of social concern through the talks. They will also experience the work of a social worker through home attachment. 

InterVarsity Students Training Retreat (Mandarin)

A training retreat for Mandarin speaking students campus ministry with emphasis on hoslistic growth, campus as their mission field and being equipped in studying the Bible. We also look at current trends that are affecting campus students. 

Students Together on Mission Partnership (STOMP)

Students from Sarawak welcome students from Semenanjung as they come together for this mission trip. They then train together before heading into the long houses to serve. Training modules include: Culture and Beliefs, Iban language, Perspective in Mission, practical skills such as leading Sunday School, sharing testimony, prayer and fasting, etc.

National Conference

A national gathering of Christian students from the various tertiary institutions. Coming together to hear the challenge for their generation and to take action to make a difference especially issues relating to our nation, enlarge their perspectives as we hear from one another.