More than 45 years ago, students, with a vision of a Christian witness in their campus, started meeting together.


In the following years, they graduated, and continued their vision by contributing to the birth of FES Malaysia.

From there, a few gave their lives to be staffworkers to the next generation of students. Some gave their time as lecturers on campus, guiding the Christian Fellowships. Many of you gave your time as volunteers in FES camps and projects. Some others gave your financial resources to enable more staffworkers to be present and to fund the different ministries. And many have committed yourself to be faithful prayer supporter for the ministry.







We in FES, have been challenged and encouraged through your partnership in different ways. Thank you so much.

Partners in the Ministry

In her history, FES has received and given to scores of lives. For those who have received something, many have given to make that possible. If you have been itching to get involved personally, here are some ways you can be our partner:

  • lecturer or advisor
  • graduate volunteer
  • office volunteerIf you are interested in partnering FES in any of these roles, please contact us at or get in touch with a staffworker.