#engagethecall (2018-2021)

What is #engagethecall? They are concerns of the times that need to be urgently addressed among the students that we serve. These are God’s standards for our students that we hold up. Every 4 years, we discern together what they are…


1.  Knowing God

  • Prayerful heart
  • Personal God
  • Jesus is Lord

2.  Engaging the WORD

  • Captured by the BIG story of God
  • Convicted by the Word

3. Being Witnesses for Christ

  • CF exists for non-members
  • Reaching out and sharing the Good News

4. Redeeming Community

  • Being Brother’s Keeper
  • Being part of a local church
  • Safe place for healing and reconciliation

5.  Rebuilding Negaraku

  • Taking ownership
  • Grieving / repentance
  • Engaging with local issues
  • Jambatan Anak Malaysia (JAM)
  • Understanding and knowing each other
  • The challenge to enter civil service