Chong Eu Pui (Team Leader) Email:

Sabah region is the newest region, established in January 2020.

Currently with 2 staff based in Kota Kinabalu, we hope our presence here will serve as a link for the local students to witness and be part of the national student movement in Malaysia as well as network with other CFs across the country and beyond. Alakasia Petrus is the team member.

We welcome students to use the space for bible studies, trainings, committee meetings or planning as well as a safe space for students to hangout.

Day 1&2: Physical relocation & cleaning


Day 3: Thankful for a helpful graduate for all the help and thoughtfulness; in easing the moving and giving the first home cooked meal here.


Day 4: Putting things in & up


Day 5: Hosting the first group

Looking forward to what is in store for FES Sabah!