Richard anak Ramlee (Team Leader)

Tel : 082-414 121

Through the generosity of the people in Sarawak, our regional office was launched in March 2003.

Many projects, camps and conferences were successfully carried out with the help of the graduates there.

This region is unique as it has its own regional committee. The Sarawak staff team is made up of Fredda Balang (based in Miri), Peter Paris, Miceelle Brau Bau (based in Bintulu), Grace Ningkan Kalung and Jessica Manja.

Celebrating 10 years of ministry in Sarawak

(21 Sept 2013)

All glory to God!

Truly a celebration of God’s goodness to FES Malaysia. As the theme “Marathon” implied, it is a call to run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

First Baptist Church Kuching was packed with more than 400 particpants – half of whom were students from 15 campuses in Sarawak, the other half were leaders, pastors, members and graduates representing 16 – 18 churches in Kuching.

The Sarawak Regional Committee was represented by Dr Thomas Chung, Dr Ng Hoong Phak, Dr Simon Wong, Mr George Chong & Ms Jaime Chan. The FES Exco was represented by Phye Keat, Living & Kar Yong. Thankful to all Pastors, leaders and students who attended the event.

Your presence was a blessing!