Training is also offered for graduates, lecturers and churches as well.
Our other constituency other than students are those who come alongside us to more effectively reach the students in campus. These are the training offered as and when deemed necessary and suitable:

Wordilicious Investigators (WI)

Studying the Bible inductively and creatively is a needed asset to reach a very different generation students today. With a high rate of Bible illiteracy, and short attention span, creative ideas yet inductively studying the Bible is very crucial in equipping them to stand on their own two feet.


We often tire ourselves with different duties and tasks. We have NO time. We are just too busy. Perhaps we need a “Selah” to refocus, recharge and renew as you spend time with God.

Here a one day/weekend experience is prepared for you as the facilitator is present to help you get the most of your time here.

Something Fishy & Evangelism

How can your friends meet Jesus in Evangelistic Bible Study (EBS)? This is an opportunity to learn how to lead EBS for seekers. Through hands on creative fishing experience teaching students to identify with their seeker friends and challenging them to become missonary in their campus and practical tips on friendship evangelism.

Graduates Training Retreat (GTR)

For final year students to prepare them to pack up their experiences as they leave campus and say the necessary goodbyes. To prepare them to look forward to face transitions into a new routine, expectations and responsibilities in the next phase. 

Bukan Sekadar Tukang Kayu (BSTK)

Apologetics in Bahasa Malaysia on topics such as Who is Jesus?, Did Jesus rise from the dead?, Why we can trust the Bible?, etc



Committee Planning Retreat & Running the CF

We highly recommend committees or the leaders to have planning for the CF whether for the coming semester or year ahead. We call these CPR as committees learn to plan ahead, strengthen teamwork, dealing with conflicts, etc in a setting away from campus where possible.