David is a prominent figure often mentioned in many of the New Testament writings stating Jesus is the 28th generation of David. 2 Samuel conveyed important messages of David’s life.


  • David acted fairly in every reward and punishment he decreed, his people were pleased to receive it. He has a kind heart and often shared the sadness of others and grieved with them. His actions reflected God’s kindness and mercifulness.
  • He practiced disciplined prayers and time with God, seeking for the Father’s guidance in every step that he made. Gratefulness and praise to God often came sincerely from his heart.
  • Humility – he is submissive to God, accepting failures, had a repentant heart and was therefore willing to be taught by God.

Falling into SIN and TEMPTATION:

  • David could not resist from committing adultery by sleeping with Bathsheba, ended up sending her husband Uriah to the front line of the battlefield for him to be killed there, adding on another count of his sins (Chap 11).
  • Later, he neglected his role as a king, thus causing the people who came seeking for justice to be turned away (15:1-4).

Are we humble enough to submit ourselves under the authority of our LORD?

Are we allowing our thoughts and actions to be scrutinized by God?