Some TIPS on How to Read the Book of Obadiah

Obadiah is the shortest book in OT & has only 21 verses. It can be divided into 3 parts where the Lord speaks about different aspects regarding Edom and what they have done. The Lord spoke to them through Obadiah (his name means servant of God).

So I suggest that you study the book following the 3 parts each a day to have a deeper insight on what really happened and use the 4th day to reflect and ponder how the story of Edom is applicable to our life.

Day 1 – Verse 1-9

As you read, try to find the tone God is speaking to the people. Why and what is God going to deal with them? What are the severities they are going to face?

Try to imagine the metaphorical examples that were used & how realistic it is.

Day 2 – Verse 10-16

Find out what really Edom has done to Israel in the past (you may need to do some background & historical research. Eg: Origin of Edom, what they did to Israel, their relationship & etc…)

Day 3 – Verse 17-21

How great and glorious will the restoration and reward for Israel will be in the end? Why & what are they being rewarded with? Once upon time exiles now OWNERS?

Day 4 – Reflection & applications

What does the story means to us? How is Edom related to us as Christians now? Maybe it is a good time to examine what pride and unkind character can cause& do to us?


Obsessed with self


Edomites are the people descended from Esau, the brother of Jacob (Genesis 25:19-34). “Edom” means red.

There were proud of their:

a) Natural defences – Ancient city of Petra (verse 3 – 4)

b) Wisdom (verse 8)

c) Political allies (verse 7)

God destroyed all the things they were proud of and brought them down.

Alienated her brother

Did not help her brother

There were instances where Edom ignored Israel & Judah. They did not help when they had problems. Some of the things they did were:

a) Fight against God’s people (verse 10)

b) Did nothing when their wealth were plundered (verse 11)

c) Rejoiced in their distress and calamity (verse 12)

Edom will be judged and punished because of what they have done. (Verse 15- 16). They will get the “boomerang effect”. Nations will do the same thing they did to others.

Israel restored

A lot of possessions

The Lord will deliver and restore Israel (verse 17)

Edom will be completely destroyed and there will be no survivors (verse 18)

Israel will take their possessions/territory and rule over them ultimately (verse 19 – 21)

How about us? Are we prideful in what we have and know? Are we helping our brother in their time of distress and calamity?